iPhone and Apple TV

From an anonymous source commenting on the new Apple iPhone:

I’m looking forward to the iPhone Shuffle which calls one of your contacts at random every time you hit Send.

The iPhone looks seriously shiny, but because it doesn’t support HSDPA I don’t think I want one– I’ve gotten too used to Verizon’s excellent local EvDO coverage. The better an “Internet communicator” the iPhone turns out to be, the more painful its lack of HSDPA will be. (Update: David Pogue sure drank the Kool-Aid.)

As for the Apple TV: meh. I’m not that excited about it, given that it looks like a way to pay $20 for a DRM-encrusted sub-DVD-resolution movie that requires a Mac to play it back. I’d rather have an HD DVD of the movie, or, failing that, I can rip it to my ReadyNAS and stream it through the Xbox 360. Or so I’m told; that doesn’t actually work for me yet… perhaps that’s the Apple TV’s appeal.

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