Getting an alert when a command completes

As part of some testing we’re doing, I’ve been running some lengthy command scripts. I don’t want to sit and wait for them to finish, and I don’t want to get an e-mail when they’re done because my e-mail app isn’t open. I asked a group of smart friends and here are the two best answers.

First, you can use the echo command to echo a beep. Try it: open up a Windows command prompt and type “echo ^G” (where the “^G” is displayed after you press Ctrl+G). Voila– a beep.

Second, you can use the very helpful color command. Try this:

dir && color E2 && pause && color

This will print a directory, turn the entire screen yellow, and pause. It’s impossible to miss this visual effect as long as any part of the window is open– especially if you’re using Vista. Two thumbs up!

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