Basement UM setup, part 2

Today I powered up and configured the Intel/Eicon PIMG gateway, which links the Mitel 3300 ICP with Exchange 2007. However, this has exposed a major structural problem.

My current office is divided into two halves: in one half, I have a shelving unit that has the 3300, all of my servers, and some related stuff-n-junk (like a KVM switch, an old Dell keyboard, and an ancient 17″ CRT). In the other half, I have my main network switch, my phone panel, and my work machines. Both sides are already networked together, but:

  • the 3300 can provide Power over Ethernet (PoE) to the Mitel phones, without which they won’t work. (Mitel makes a desk sled that powers the phones but I don’t have any of those).
  • I need to run two analog lines from the phone panel to the 3300, then back again; the ASU in the 3300 will let it answer the analog extensions and do call transfer, forwarding, etc. between the digital and analog lines– very cool
  • I really need a phone on my desk
  • The 3300 is way noisier than any other piece of equipment in my office

Thus I get to choose between “lots of cables on the floor” or “unrelenting fan noise”. Not a great choice. In a couple of weeks when my upstairs office is finished, the question will be moot, so for now I’m going to leave the 3300 where it is and run one long net cable to it so I can power a desk phone. Analog line integration will have to wait for now.

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