Which Linux best replaces Windows?

I recently spoke with my editors at Windows IT Pro, Anne Grubb and Amy Eisenberg. We were talking about future topic ideas, and I suggested a few things that I’d love to see the mgaazine cover in more depth.

One example: which Linux distro is the “best” replacement for Windows? e.g. if you wanted to replace your mom’s Windows desktop with Linux, which version would cause the least upset? Many distros include Windows-like features, some of which induce subtle feelings of wrongness because they’re almost-but-not-quite exact copies. Others are radically different.

I’d also like to see some discussion of which versions interoperate best with Windows.

I’m not qualified to write either of these myself, but I can think of several folks who are. What would you like to see in such an article? Leave comments and I’ll pass them on to Amy and Anne.


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  1. I think Fedora Core 5 and Suse 10.1 would be idea.