Contact lenses

I wore contacts once upon a time– when I was about 13. My old pal Dr. Otis J. Bourg prescribed a set; as I recall, they were stiff little circles of plastic that required a draconian regime of toxic chemicals to keep them from turning into encrusted eye-ruiners. The regime wasn’t a big problem because I kept losing them, so after a few weeks my experiment was over.

Enter my current eye doctor, Mike Zysik. He’s been telling me that there are now silicone hydrogel lenses that are much more comfortable than the old ones. I tried a pair, and whaddya know? He was right. They are very comfortable. Unfortunately, I have funny eyes: one’s farsighted with an astigmatism, and the other is nearsighted. The hydrogels aren’t made in the same range of prescriptions that regular glasses’ lenses are, so we couldn’t exactly match my prescription. Turns out that for my left eye, I need a toric lens, which meant switching to another brand and lens material. The lenses I have now are not nearly as comfortable as the originals, but with them in I can see as well– or better– as I do with my glasses, at least until the lenses dry out. I’ve asked Mike if he has any other potential lens types to try, but I’ll probably stick with these for six months or so and see how they work over the long term.</P


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  2. Thanks, Lenny. I’ll check it out. I’m very happy with my current optometrist, and I value his advice, but I’m always looking to learn more.