Cool: hook your Xbox 360 controller up to your Mac

This is pretty neat: an OS X driver for using the Xbox 360 controller with Mac games. I’ll have to give it a try, assuming I can pry myself away from the Xbox 360 to try it.


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3 responses to “Cool: hook your Xbox 360 controller up to your Mac

  1. What is your favorite Xbox360 game right now, that you have played?

  2. That’s hard to say. I’ve spent the most time playing PGR3, which is simply outstanding. I’m also very impressed with Call of Duty 2, but I haven’t spent as much time playing it. We’ve had a lot of fun playing Kameo as a family, passing the controller from hand to hand; it’s a little too hard for my 4-year-old, but the two older kids love it. All in all, I’ve probably spent the most time playing Geometry Wars; it’s simple, fast-paced, and easy to play for a few minutes in between other activities.

  3. Update: neither Blockbuster nor Movie Gallery rent Xbox360 games, but Family Video does, so I’m going to head over there and pick up a few things to try out.