More Xbox 360 streaming

So, last week I wrote about trying to get my iTunes music onto my Xbox 360. I noted that using Windows Media Connect on Virtual PC seemed to work OK, but I noticed something odd: only about 1/3 of my song library showed up on the device. It turns out that the 360 can’t stream AAC files (protected or unprotected), and– wouldn’t you know it– that’s the default format I’ve been using. This is odd, and frustrating, given that the 360 can play AAC files just fine from an iPod, so clearly it’s got an AAC codec installed.

I discovered this while trying to set up a Windows XP Media Center Edition (MCE) computer to stream videos to the 360. After an evening of fiddling, I still can’t make the MCE and 360 work together; each reports that it sees the other, but I can’t stream any content. However, I learned that if you install the 3ivx filter pack, then Windows Media Player (and, by extension, Windows Media Connect) can see and play unprotected AAC files. At least that much is now working.

Update: no, this still isn’t working. WMC won’t show AAC files, so neither the Xbox 360 nor the LRM-519 I have in the bedroom will see two-thirds of my accumulated music connection. Frustrating.

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