Comments disabled

My hosting provider reports that their hosts– or, more precisely, my blogs– have been under a comment spamming attack. They’ve disabled my comments executable until further notice; I’ll probably have to either rename it or figure out some way to prevent drive-by comment spams before they’re willing to turn it back on.

Update: we’ve applied some prophylactic changes that will hopefully tamp down the spammers. Comments are now back on.


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5 responses to “Comments disabled

  1. Now, let’s see if turning them back on works properly.

  2. why is the comment field spaced far down?

  3. I forgot to ask. Are you using Movable Type?

  4. I don’t know why the field is spaced so far down, but it is. I haven’t taken time to try to fix it; too many other pressing issues (like fixing the resource consumption issue so my hosting provider will let me turn comments back on!)

  5. Theresa

    Ok Gigio…I do have a CBM-250 model Magic Chef Breadmaker that I am looking for the instruction manual. Can you scan and email? How do I get in touch if you require me paying .25 per page plus stamp?