Stop the broadcast flag by calling Sen DeWine

The entertainment industry is still trying: I got an “action alert” email from EFF asking people to call Senators on the Senate Appropriations subcommittee that owns technical issues. Apparently the forces of darkness are trying to sneak a broadcast flag amendment into an appropriations vote. This comes after the the DC circuit Court of Appeals struck down the original broadcast flag rules. If you value your ability to use devices like iPods and TiVos, call or email your Senator right now. It only takes a minute to do.


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2 responses to “Stop the broadcast flag by calling Sen DeWine

  1. Tim Robichaux

    I sent in my e-mail! This is the kind of political action that makes me hate the system. Just because a ruling was handed down doesn’t mean that we won’t fight to curtail the freedoms of the people we are supposed to be serving. This sounds like evil to me, not public service.

  2. On the other hand, this is supposed to be how a representative democracy works. The executive branch tries to exercise a delegated power, the judicial branch says “No, that exceeds the limits established by law,” and the legislative branch gets involved.
    The problem is how our representatives have been subverted by the easy metrics of business dollars. It’s hard to measure happiness and quality of life for one’s constituents; it’s a lot easier to point at the revenue earned by businesses in your jurisdiction. Even those politicians I can understand; the ones that annoy me are the ones who get bought by lobbies whose goals clearly go against the financial interests of the people they’ve been elected to represent.