Star Wars Revelations


Star Wars Revelations is a fan movie, made without permission or assistance from George Lucas and his merry band. was a better Star Wars movie than the preceding two official movies put together. The technical quality of the movie is excellent, with brilliant special effects. The plot’s a bit opaque, and the actors are clearly not Hollywood megastars. On the other hand, the acting here is no worse than that of The Phantom Menace. C | Net has a pretty good story that features some background on the larger phenom of fan-created works, but for now you should hop over to Panic Struck Productions’ web site and grab the film for yourself. (Better yet, get the torrent).


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  1. I’ve always liked Troops! (which I think can be found at these days), and I think they’re doing a sequel sooner or later. There are a lot of good fan movies out there; since they’re usually making short films, they’re actually pressured into doing a harsher job of editing than the average professional hollywood action movie these days.
    A funny bit I ran across earlier today was this:
    It’s the trailer for Revenge of the Sith, with some interesting subtitles added. (I may have already said too much. See it cold).

  2. has a ton of great fan-produced Star Wars films. They range in quality from crap to awesome, but the amount of work is amazing. Two in particular to watch for: _Bounty Trail_ and _Legacy of the Jedi_. The guy who did Bounty Trail (do the Slave-1 combat scenes look familiar?) ended up getting hired by ILM and worked on the Slave-1/Jedi Starfighter dogfight sequence in Episode 2 (yes, that’s why it looks familiar). Legacy is a different kind of Star Wars film, but it is my absolute favorite.

  3. I’ll have to check those out. At present, Episode III is a sore topic around our house; we told the boys that if it’s rated PG-13, they probably won’t get to see it. This has not been well received.

  4. I’d try to argue you out of it, but The Phantom Menace was so bad I didn’t see Attack of the Clones.
    (Well, I tried, once, but they wouldn’t let my bots in with me to make it bearable, so I gave up…)