Buckeye launches 6412 PVR 11/7

I just got mail from Judy Carter at Buckeye Cable: they’re launching the Motorola DCT-6412 HD PVR/cable box on 11/7. By “launching”, I mean that starting on the 7th you can call them to schedule an install appointment, or you can swing y their Southwick office to pick one up. They’re charging another $5/month for PVR functionality, which I can live with if it means I can finally PVR all of the network shows I want to watch in HD.

Update: trabblc asked two good questions: will the new units have the “iGuide” guide rev, and will both tuners be activated? Buckeye’s answer: yes to both. Good thing, too, because without dual tuners this would be mostly worthless to me.

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