Kodak printer dock problem

I bought Arlene a Kodak DX4530 for Christmas, along with a printer dock for it that can print 4″x6″ pictures. The printer part works great when you print from the camera, but whenever I try using it to print from the computer, it makes the OS X Print Center application die. I asked over at Mac OS X Hints, and tomorrow I’ll call Kodak. Very frustrating.
Update: No thanks to Kodak’s crappy outsourced Indian phone support, I figured out the problem: there’s some kind of conflict between the printer dock and Arlene’s Dymo 330 label printer. Unplugging the label printer and removing its driver allows the photo printer to work normally, at least from Kodak’s EasyShare app. iPhoto still won’t stretch a standard print to 4×6, so I have some more digging to do on that.

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