Israeli submarines

Yesterday the LA Times reported that the Israelis have submarines capable of firing the nuclear weapons that they won’t admit to having. (Note to readers: the Israelis have had nukes since the mid-60s, according to Sy Hersh, but they won’t admit it and none of the other members of the nuclear club have ever pressed them on it.) If this report were true, it would mean that Israel had a proper strategic triad, subs being the delivery system most difficult for an opponent to pre-emptively attack.
The LA Times report says that Israel modified Harpoons to carry nuclear warheads, which is a little odd. Harpoons are normally anti-shipping missiles, with a relatively small payload (220Kg) and short range (120Km). Of course, the Israelis promptly issued a denial of sorts, in which a former defense minister said that it was “impossible” to re-engineer the Harpoon to carry a nuclear warhead.
However, this statement doesn’t say a think about the homegrown Israeli Popeye SLCM, which is almost certainly the primary delivery system for those subs. The FAS has some other interesting reading, but I note that most of their cited sources are 2-3 years old.

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