Oracle unbreakable? Not

Oracle has been loudly hyping the stability and security of their products with their “Unbreakable” campaign. Better people than I have already debunked the security aspects of their claims. Now this week, Orbitz suffered a major outage because of Oracle’s… (wait for it) clustering software. That’s right; the very software (called the Oracle Real Application Cluster package) that’s supposed to guarantee that their systems are 99.999% available caused a major outage. This eWeek article explores Orbitz’s solution (e.g. moving off RAC).
Fearless prediction: Orbitz is going to start looking for another database vendor. eBay dumped Oracle and Sun after their 1998 outage, and I fully expect to see it happen again. Since Orbitz’ new CIO started work on Monday, I bet this is suddenly very high on his to-do list.


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