Sending SMS from iChat

This is extremely nifty. From Dave Farber’s IP list:

With today’s release of AIM4.6b1.1131, the capability has been added to
allow AIM users to send SMS messages to mobile phones. All you do is type
the message you want to send as an SMS into a new IM window and change the
screenname field to +16175551212. Replace 6175551212 with the phone number of the SMS-capable mobile phone. The “+1” is the country code, which is required; however, I don’t think AOL supports non-US numbers yet, but they
do plan to.
To utilize this cool feature in iChat, simply type Shift-Command-N for a “New Chat with Person,” and enter the phone number in the above format. When you send the message, you’ll receive confirmation from AOL that it was sent. Pretty neat!

I tested this and it works like a charm. Finally, a use for iChat 🙂
Update: As Mike Wendland and I found out, it does matter if you enter the “+1” before the phone number.


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