What a day!

I couldn’t have asked for a better Fathers’ Day (well, except if Arlene, Matt, and Thomas weren’t all sick). Church was wonderful, with three excellent talks in sacrament meeting. The boys gave me all the essential gifts: fast cars, Halle Berry, lots of crashing cars, socks, and a bunch of country music. Oh, and some socks.
For the topper, we had a big turkey-and-fixins’ meal. Why? Because David left the freezer open on Friday and we had to either eat the turkey today or throw it away. Mom and Dad came over, we had a great dinner, and went out in the back yard to watch the kids play. That really made me realize how blessed I’ve been: I have a wonderful father who has always loved and supported me, and I have three terrific sons who have limitless potential. A great day, and so to bed.

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