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Some must-have iPhone apps for the kids

[ Update: rewritten because the original’s links were bad. I deleted it, and now people who clicked on the original link are getting 500’d ]

Arlene and I upgraded our iPhones to the 3GS model last night, and David got a 3G 8GB to replace his ooold Nokia flip. Tom is awaiting the arrival of his iPod Touch. With that in mind I wanted to link to a few apps that I frequently use. This isn’t a complete or exhaustive list, but it’s a start.

  • The Scriptures, a free app that renders the standard works of the LDS Church (Old Testament, New Testament, Book of Mormon, and Doctrine and Covenants), complete with footnotes and a really helpful search feature.
  • The Mormon Channel, which provides a number of LDS Church-sponsored audio and information feeds, including full text of Church magazines, scriptures, and content from General Conference sessions. Interestingly, this is a community-developed app— I’m signing up to work on it. (It’s free.)
  • The Weather Channel: all the local forecasts you could possibly want, supported by ads. There’s an ad-free Max version for $4 that adds beach forecasts, radar maps, and some other stuff
  • feX for Facebook: syncs your Facebook friends list with your iPhone address book (and thus, by extension, with Exchange or whatever you’re using on the back end). This is the fastest way to get pictures of your contacts, not to mention their birthdays and so on. It’s well worth the $0.99 cost.
  • TweetDeck: a great free Twitter client. It’s supposed to be able to sync with the desktop version, but I haven’t gotten it to work properly yet.
  • Blog with iBlogger is $10. However, it’s by far the best blogging client I’ve found for the iPhone. It handles multiple blogs with aplomb and can easily post text and photos. I haven’t tried posting any videos yet, though.
  • Shazam, a free app that identifies songs for you then lets you quickly buy them from iTunes. Perfect for places where they often play music you don’t recognize.
  • iPhlix for remotely controlling my Netflix queue (including adding and removing items; well worth its $3 price) and its partner in crime, the free U-verse TV remote control app. Between these two I can remotely record or request shows or movies no matter where I am (e.g. in the back of an airplane somewhere).

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