Category Archives: Spiritual Nourishment is a well-written and beautifully presented blog that focuses on one thing: temples of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. (Bonus: this site has some great temple pictures.) If you’re LDS, you’ll enjoy it; if you’re not, you may learn from it why we consider temples, and the ordinances performed therein, so important.

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Survey on LDS beliefs and parenting

I just finished taking a survey on LDS beliefs and parenting. The survey is part of Steven Behling‘s graduate research towards his Ph.D. Part 1 asks some basic categorization questions, then asks you to rate how often you do certain things (such as punish a child without explanation, say “because I said so” when a child questions something, or reward a child for positive behavior). Part two focuses on your own opinions about acceptable or unacceptable parenting practices, some of which are kind of disturbing.

Apart from helping someone do academic research, I encourage my readers to take the survey as a thought-provoking means of exploring how you discipline and interact with your children. Having to honestly assess how often I do certain things has made me rethink some of the ways I interact with our boys, and I hope to make some positive changes as a result. This doesn’t mean that I think I’m a bad parent by any means, but I think there’s always room for improvement in any human relationships, parenting being no exception. Jesus’ admonition to “be ye therefore perfect” definitely applies. That’s hard advice to follow, but Elder Nelson has some good advice on the topic.

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Online access to patriarchal blessings

Neato! The LDS Church is putting yet another information resource online. According to this article, members will be able to download scanned copies of their patriarchial blessings. I’ve still got my original paper copy, and I don’t have any ancestors who received blessings of their own, so I don’t need any of the site’s capabilities. Regardless, it’s wonderful to see how well the church is embracing technology to make its stored data and records available to members. This kind of self-service technology is a super-hot topic in the business world already. As with so many other things, smart people trying to do the right thing have adapted it to serving the Lord.

Update: looks like the initial announcement was premature.

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Mutual activity: Gold Rush

[ taking a cue from the LDS Young Men‘s blog, I decided to start keeping a blog of our notable mutual and young men’s activities. No pictures yet, though! ]

Last night, we had a great activity for the young men and young women in our ward. (Note to non-Mormon readers: when we do a combined activity for the YM and YW together, it’s called “mutual night” or a “mutual activity”, or even a “combined activity”.) The weather was forecast to be good, so our YW president invited another local ward to join us for a rousing game of Gold Rush, a game that pits “bandits” armed with squirt guns against “miners” who are trying to collect gold from a field. Get squirted, and you have to drop your gold. Tag a bandit, and he goes to jail and has to sing a song to get out again.

We had six or seven bandits and probably around 40-50 kids. Some of them were a little timid at first, but everyone got into the game after a short while. We saw some groups of kids who would cooperate to evade the bandits, while others relied on their superior running speed to get to the bank before getting squirted. There’s not that much strategy on the bandits’ part (apart from not running out of water in your squirt gun). It was a blast!

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“Amazing Grace”

A wonderful essay at a web site I’d never heard of, by a writer I don’t know, about the grace that the Savior gives each of us every day. It was a real eye-opener for me to read this and recall how often I take His forgiveness for granted.

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Romney, Reid, and religion

John does a great job of articulating something I’ve been wondering about. Harry Reid and Mitt Romney are both “observant” Mormons. Why does Romney come under so much more scrutiny for his religious beliefs than Reid does?

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Get in the Christmas spirit now. That’s an order!

Check out these two great Toys for Tots commercials, then give ’til it hurts.

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