Thursday trivia #102

Whew. Back from Chile and trying to catch up. Entropy always increases.

  • Upgraded my MacBook Pro to Mac OS X Mavericks (which I still think is a clumsy name) yesterday. So far I don’t notice any major differences in my workflow but I haven’t really had time to explore.
  • If you’re an Exchange designer or architect, I’d appreciate your response to this short survey on Exchange site designs.
  • Burn down the farm? That’s a radical approach.
  • It takes a special kind of crazy— the good kind— to build your own fully functional Boeing 767 simulator.
  • I’m starting to get more and more excited about the release of the Xbox One.
  • From the “industry on parade” department: here’s a really interesting analysis of how Apple builds the new Mac Pro. I have no need for one, but they sure are purty. 
  • Because ROCKETS.

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