Thursday trivia #26

Wow, 26 editions– that’s nearly six months worth, except that if you count all the weeks I’ve missed, it’s more like a year. Anyway, on with today’s edition.

  • New Soundgarden album? Yes, thank you. Too bad it’s not all new material. Still, the bundled videos made it a decent purchase.
  • I am really close to being done with the technical edit on Tony’s book. I can’t wait to see the finished product!
  • September 30 is the last day of my MVP award period, so I’m waiting on tenterhooks to see if I get renewed or not.
  • Speaking of MVP: Alaska Airlines now offers upgrades to Delta Medallion members, so I was hopeful about scoring an upgrade on my recent trip to Seattle. No luck, though. To request an upgrade, Medallions have to go to the ticket counter or gate and request to be added to the list. There’s no automatic mechanism, and my flights were full anyway. Maybe next time…
  • I really like to listen to C89.5 FM when I’m in Seattle, and I’ve discovered the joy of listening to their broadcast stream.
  • Herschel Walker said it best: "When you look up, you go up." Right on!
  • My engineers at work are the best. I would explain why but a) it would bore you and b) then I’d have to kill you. Trust me, though, they’re amazing.

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