Thursday trivia #2


  • I can’t believe that Hubble 3D, the new IMAX movie, is playing in Cleveland but not anywhere in the Bay Area. That has thrown my weekend plans into disarray.
  • Sometimes beta testing isn’t as much fun as it seems from the outside.
  • We’re still on generator power at work. Everyone in our office is now convinced of the value of a good UPS system.
  • The NYT asks "When Is the Worst Time to Go to the Hospital?" I assume that this was a rhetorical question, as there’s no best time to go.
  • The folks at Dinan Engineering gave our Scout troop a fantastic tour and class last night. Not incidentally, I now really want one. Funny how that works…
  • I am ashamed that Georgia Tech only graduated 38% of its men’s basketball players. If that’s the price of playing Division-I basketball, I’d rather them not play.

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