Exchange 2010 Deployment Assistant launches

Now this is a neat idea; I wish I’d thought of it.

Microsoft’s released the Exchange 2010 Deployment Assistant, a web site that interviews you about what your deployment plans are and then assembles a customized subset of the Exchange 2010 documentation for you.

You start by indicating whether you’re moving from an existing deployment (either 2003, 2007, or mixed) or creating a new one. Once you’ve done that, you answer questions (such as "will you be using public folders?" or "do you plan to deploy unified messaging?"), and you get a checklist like this one:


The tool is clearly still in the early stages of development; it only includes content for upgrading from pure Exchange 2003 environments. However, it’s an improvement over the old deployment wizard in two major ways. First, it’s more highly customized for your particular migration plans. Second, it gives you a single point of access to everything you need to know about a particular topic (like installing a mailbox server).

I’m looking forward to seeing how the product group improves the tool in future releases. Check it out and you’ll see what I mean.


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2 responses to “Exchange 2010 Deployment Assistant launches

  1. Nice 1.0 version. Might be hulpful for those unenlighted and a potential worksaver for those writing TDs 🙂 Now where’s that offline version ..

  2. Katie Kivett

    Thanks for taking a look and the feedback! I’m the Microsoft Exchange PM for the Deployment Assistant. As far as the offline capability, the ‘Download Checklist’ function allows a user to download a PDF version of their customized instructions. While viewing the instructions in a document is definately not as slick as being able to navigate and track progress when you are online, it was our intent to allow a user to consume the content offline. Look for additional scenarios in the coming months and thanks again, keep the feedback coming.