BYU Radio on the go

The LDS Church’s annual General Conference is this weekend. So is our trip to Louisiana. What to do?

Normally we watch the conference broadcasts in the comfort of our living room. This is easy because Dish Network, DirecTV, and U-Verse all carry BYU TV, and we’ve found that in extremis connecting my laptop to the TV and watching their live Internet stream works fine too. None of these, however, will work well in the van as we drive south.

Enter ooTunes, an iPhone application that can stream live radio stations over the Internet. It supports Windows Media streams, which not coincidentally are the kind that BYU Radio uses. I tested it this morning and it works quite well, even over a cellular connection. So, problem solved: we’ll plug the iPhone in to the van’s input jacks, launch ooTunes, and listen to conference as we roll. (As a backup, I’ve already told the U-Verse box to record it, just in case– there’s too much good stuff in conference talks to miss them!)

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