Survey on LDS beliefs and parenting

I just finished taking a survey on LDS beliefs and parenting. The survey is part of Steven Behling‘s graduate research towards his Ph.D. Part 1 asks some basic categorization questions, then asks you to rate how often you do certain things (such as punish a child without explanation, say “because I said so” when a child questions something, or reward a child for positive behavior). Part two focuses on your own opinions about acceptable or unacceptable parenting practices, some of which are kind of disturbing.

Apart from helping someone do academic research, I encourage my readers to take the survey as a thought-provoking means of exploring how you discipline and interact with your children. Having to honestly assess how often I do certain things has made me rethink some of the ways I interact with our boys, and I hope to make some positive changes as a result. This doesn’t mean that I think I’m a bad parent by any means, but I think there’s always room for improvement in any human relationships, parenting being no exception. Jesus’ admonition to “be ye therefore perfect” definitely applies. That’s hard advice to follow, but Elder Nelson has some good advice on the topic.

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