Thank you, Patriot Guard

I’ve been remiss in not writing this post before, but I was reminded by a recent news article. (The antichrists of Westboro Baptist Church were apparently planning a demonstration at the funeral of Marine Lance Cpl. Maria Lauterbach. The CO of Camp Lejeune [told her Marines]( to stay away, but of course the [Patriot Guard]( had plans to be there.)
Dad occasionally rode with the Patriot Guard chapter here in Ohio. He believed strongly in [their mission](, and he very much enjoyed the opportunities he had to ride with them. I contacted the Ohio ride captain to ask if they could render honors at Dad’s services, and they exceeded my expectations. At the visitation, they maintained an 8-person honor guard for more than four hours, providing a line of flagbearers flanking the entrance to the funeral home. At the funeral itself, they provided both an honor guard at the service and a motorcade escort to the reception. All of us very much appreciated their presence. They showed the utmost respect, and it was an honor to have them there rendering honors to Dad.

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