This is the first time in a long time (like, nearly 15 years) that I’ve been to Alexandria twice in one year. We were there earlier this year for a great family reunion; this time, sad to say, I was visiting my seriously ill grandfather in the hospital. Despite the reason for the visit, it was great to see everyone– Ray, Dan, Ashley, Melissa, Grandmaw, Betty, Clayton, Laura, and Chris were all there. Ashley is only a few months away from graduating from high school; Melissa and I had fun learning how to balance chemical equations (OK, not really; I don’t think she enjoyed it much); I watched Oprah with Betty (cracking wise all the way)  and Chris cooked two splendid meals. Last night, I had the first fried trout I’ve had in at least 20 years, and as a bonus he cooked the best hush puppies I’ve ever tasted. Tim arrived last night, so we got to visit for a bit (and he told me about his new blog, which has some hysterical pictures so far.)

BTW, the Alexandria airport is terrific! The terminal is beautiful (although there are no concessions in the gate area), and there’s free WiFi. I only wish the Toledo airport were as attractive, clean, or well-maintained.

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