Back from TechEd

So last week I went to TechEd 2007, primarily to present a session on how Forefront Security for Exchange Server (FFSE) works. I arrived Monday night after an uneventful flight (the kind I prefer), got to the hotel, and went to bed. The next morning, I had breakfast with Anne Grubb and Amy Eisenberg of Windows IT Pro. It’s hard to believe that I’ve been writing for them for nearly ten years! I spent the rest of the day on Tuesday attending a series of MVP deep-dive technical briefings put on by the Exchange and OCS development teams. There’s some really exciting stuff happening with both of those products; you’ll be seeing the fruits sooner than you expect.

Wednesday I had breakfast with an old friend, Ed Woodrick of Dell, then I went to prep for my session. As usual, the room I was in was waaaay too big; it probably seated close to 1200 people, and I had 252 in attendance. No, I didn’t count them; Microsoft uses an RFID-based system to track session attendance. This year John wasn’t presenting so I didn’t have a chance to beat him; that’s too bad, because my session scored 7.81, a personal best.

The bad news is that I was in the security track, which ended up taking the top overall score. Of the 10 sessions rated most highly by attendees, security sessions took 5 of the top 6, so clearly I’ve got some room to improve (although let’s get real; I have no realistic hope of outscoring someone like Steve Riley or Mark Russinovich unless I start passing out $20 bills during my sessions!)

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