Creating a public folder store for Exchange 2007 free/busy

So I’ve gotten three or four requests for detailed instructions on how to fix the situation that happens when you say “no” when Exchange 2007 setup asks if you have any pre-Outlook 2007 clients. In that case, Exchange doesn’t create a public folder store, but you need one for legacy client support. To fix this problem, here’s what to do in a brand-new Exchange environment:

  1. Launch the Exchange Management Console
  2. Expand the Server Configuration node, then select the Mailbox node and select the server you want to create the PF store on.
  3. Under the Database Management tab, select the storage group that you want to contain the public folder database.
  4. In the Actions pane, click New Public Folder Database. Give the database a name and a path, then click New.

Once the database has been created, stop and restart the MSExchangeIS service.

If you already have Exchange servers, you shouldn’t need to do this. If you decide that you want your Exchange 2007 server to publish free/busy and OAB information through public folders, follow the steps above, then see this article for information on how to add replicas of the needed folders to the Exchange 2007 server.

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