Toledo Blade columnists start blogging

Good news and bad news from my favorite local newspaper.

Good news: five Blade columnists have started blogs at the paper’s web site. (Thankfully, none of them are opinion columnists.)

Bad news: you can’t get RSS feeds for them. Oh sure, each page sports a little orange RSS logo, but when you click it you get this summary page. It offers some feeds, but none for the columnists. (Bonus bad news: the only comment mechanism is to e-mail the blog author.)

So, I give them a B- for their effort so far. All of the columnists had content posted before the official launch this morning, and it’s all decent intro material. The grade would be higher if I could actually subscribe to their feeds. I called Kevin Cesarz, who’s listed on the masthead as the online editor, to ask him about it, but he wasn’t in.

Update: the feed page now lists the individual columnist feeds. Yay, Blade!


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