Joel Oleson on public folders and SharePoint

Joel Oleson has an interesting post on the differences between Exchange public folders and email-enabled lists in WSS v3/MOSS. He was kind enough to point to my column discussing migration tools, too. I pointed out Joel’s post for a simple reason.

See, the Exchange community has had a little while to get used to the idea that SharePoint is the preferred technology for the kinds of things that PFs now do. People have been saying “public folders are dead!” for years now. They’re still very much not dead, but MS has definitely marked them with the Black Spot. On the other hand, the SharePoint world is still fairly new to the idea that they’re going to be under continuing scrutiny from Exchange administrators who want to know just how WSS/MOSS can replace public folders. Joel alludes to that when he mentions replication as an important Exchange PF feature that doesn’t yet have a SharePoint counterpart. There are others, too; however, ultimately I think both product lines will be stronger as data and applications

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