Is Office Communicator a pre-Outlook 2007 client?

Exchange 2007 setup asks you whether you have any client computers running Outlook 2003 or earlier. It does this so it can determine whether you’ll need the legacy Schedule+ Free/Busy and offline address book folders– but that got me to wondering: what about Office Communicator? Does it count as a pre-Outlook 2007 client? After all, Communicator uses MAPI to connect to the Exchange server and get free/busy data for your mailbox and the mailboxes of those on your contact list. I’m trying to find the answer and will update this post once I do.

(Interesting side note: Communicator will use an open MAPI session if one already exists; if not it will create its own.)

Update: turns out, the answer is “no, it’s not a legacy client”. Communicator makes MAPI requests to get your free/busy data, which it then publishes to LCS. The free/busy data you see for other contacts in your contact list comes from the LCS server, not your local copy of Communicator’s interrogation of their mailboxes. So, this should work fine… but I’m still going to test it!

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