TechEd by the numbers

I got some interesting statistics on TechEd today. Based on the number of people who physically attended each session, messaging and development tools/technologies had almost exactly the same number of attendees– within 2%– even though there were twice as many dev sessions as messaging sessions. That’s completely opposite to what I would have expected. Interestingly, the security and web servics tracks had about th same number of attendees and sessions, but security attendees turned in twice as many evaluations. I guess the web services folks were too busy blogging 🙂
Happily, the security track got the best overall rating (7.5, w00t!), thanks in large measure to the redoubtable Steve Riley– he placed two sessions in the top 10 overall. However, he was humbled by Kimberly Tripp, whoever she is, who got 4 on SQL– guess I’d better hit one of her sessions next year.)

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